Our Story


The Tolentino Family has been farming since 1982 in the secluded Lualualei Valley on the Wai'anae Coast of O'ahu, Hawai'i. After discovering a decrease in crop yield, they also noticed a lack of pollinators. Out of desperation, they started hand pollinating vegetable blossoms in 2008. With a lot of concern and research, it was discovered the University of Hawai'i had a honeybee program and in 2009 the family adopted their first hive.

Since then, honeybees have made a dramatic comeback on the Wai'anae Coast and the Tolentinos have been blessed with a passion for beekeeping. The bees forage on wild kiawe, tropical blossoms, and seasonal crops; producing an amazing honey that you're sure to love and enjoy. Mahalo for supporting bees on O'ahu and our small family farm.


The Tolentino Ohana